-Joao Pessoa-


What you need to know about João Pessoa

João Pessoa is the capital of the state of Paraíba in Brazil. It was founded in 1585 and it is also known as the city where the sun rises first, because it is the easternmost city in the Americas at 34° 47′ 38″ W, 7° 9′ 28″ S. Its easternmost point is known as Ponta do Seixas. The city is often referred as “the second greenest in the world”, with more than 7 square kilometres (2.7 sq mi) of forested land, second only to Paris, France, though such claim seems to be just a publicity stunt from the then mayor during Earth Summit. Its metropolitan area comprises eight other satellite cities (Bayeux, Cabedelo, Conde, Lucena, Santa Rita, and others), totalling 1,223,000 of inhabitants. The new “Estação Ciência, Cultura e Artes” (Science, Culture and Art Station), located at the most eastern point of the Americas (Ponta das Seixas), is both an educational and cultural institution as well as a national landmark. The complex, inaugurated in 2008, was created by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer and is one of his last projects. The capital of Paraíba received in 2017 the title of creative city by UNESCO, placing João Pessoa, as “Brazilian city of handicrafts”. Besides the capital of Paraíba, just another city in Latin America, it has the same title, with the same category, which is Chordeleg, in Ecuador. The recognition of the capital João Pessoa, places it on the Brazilian tourist route for the richness of its popular art. This recognition had great contribution and influence, due to the mermaids project of Penha; where women artisans perform the manual work, dialoguing with the design, fashion, creative economy, highlighting the art with fish scales in copper wires.


Area Size: 211,5 km²

Population: Estimate 832, 061 for more




João Pessoa has a tropical monsoon climate (Köppen Am) with very warm temperatures all year long and strong rainfall in most of the months; however, October to December have a rather low rainfall.



In the crafts part, the city stands out for its creativity through the popular art, possessing some places to be visited.

  • CREATIVE SPACE BARN“: The environment has an exhibition of pieces and works by more than 140 artisans and artists from Paraíba. The work of these artists can be visited by the public, who can also purchase the pieces.
  • THE PARAIBANIAN CRAFT MARKET“: The building has more than 120 shops that sell the region’s handicrafts.
  • JÚLIO RAFAEL CRAFTS CENTER“: The place has 20 stores where are tradized handicraft products of different typologies, such as renaissance, embroidery, colored cotton, leather, weaving.
  • TAMBAÚ FAIRY“: The place has a large walk area where the shows and artistic and culture activities take place. The Fair is currently one of the main leisure options for visitors, tourists and residents of the capital. The Fair, has 45 boxes where the artisans sell their products and boxes where they sell typical foods of the Northeast.
  • SERENE OF THE PENHA“: The artisans who participate in the project produce biojóias with scales and fish leather.


Very Realized on Bessa beach, To reach the 4km of coral in the blue sea of the “Caribessa”, tourists and practitioners can admire the beauties around it, kayaking will be a special reason to slowly enjoy every beautiful second that the nature of the city of João Pessoa offers.



The practice of windsurfing. The practice of windsurfing on the beautiful beaches of the city of João Pessoa, yields an incredible experience in maximum contact with nature.